Create and Connect Q1 2020

Create and Connect Q1 2020

Price: $20.00

VIRTUAL - Create & Connect Q1 2020 - FRIDAY, APRIL 10TH

It's time to ignite your passion and create the balance you deserve! 

There will be a creative coaching session by founder of Swirls, Jacki Cox. 

Join us for a fun afternoon/evening of creative training for you to feel inspired, motivated and excited for what's to come in 2020. Come for a bit of networking, creative coaching from Jacki Cox, and TIME to think creatively. 

Location: VIA ZOOM (Link provided upon payment received)

$20 per person

3:30 - 6:30 PM, FRIDAY, APRIL 10TH

Supplies Needed: 

*Stretched canvas (any size)

    - Can also use wood panels, ceramic tiles, or even old records

*Gesso Pouring Medium (Liquitex Basics, Liquitex Professional, or Golden Gesso are all good choices)

*Paint Brush

*Craft liquid acrylic paint or Fluid/Flow Paint (If regular acrylic, then you'll add water to it to make it flow better)

    - Can be found at (and then do a drive-up pick up order, if you're willing/able to go out).

    - Also available on or

*Table cover or newspaper to cover your painting surface

*Plastic cups to pour your paint into and from

*Optional - Wood craft sticks (can also use straws)

*Empty metal soup can (or something to lift up your canvas when pouring)

*Aluminum baking pan (or something to keep your paint contained)

*Disposable gloves (this is a messy project)

*Apron (to keep your clothes clean) - or just wear your "painting" clothes

*Paper towels to clean your project along the way